Introduction to ClearCorrect

This course is specifically designed for providers who have little to no experience with clear aligner therapy, who upon finishing this course, will be able to prescribe and complete simple to moderate cases and implement an efficient and effective clinical workflow utilising ClearCorrect.

This workshop will cover the following:

- Introduction to ClearCorrect and what sets us apart from the other clear aligner companies
- Diagnosis and causes of dental malocclusions
- Case selection and categorising cases into Simple, Advanced, Complex
- Review of basic principles of tooth movement
- How to approach treatment planning
- Accelerated treatment using AcceleDent
- Learn the different types of attachments and how the shape impacts the proposed movement
- Understand different materials that could be used in attachments and benefits of each
- Indications and contraindications of interproximal reduction (IPR)
- Understand different instruments that could be used for IPR and benefits of each.
- Tips, tricks and corrections mid-treatment
- Post-treatment retention protocols
  • Why orthodontics matters
  • Introduction
  • Introduction exam
  • Basics of orthodontics: Ideal occlusion
  • Basics of orthodontics: Causes of malocclusion
  • Basics of orthodontics: Skeletal problems
  • Basics of orthodontics: Harmful habits
  • How clear aligners work
  • How clear aligners work exam
  • Case selection
  • Case selection exam
  • How to take photos & x-rays
  • Collecting records
  • Collecting records exam
  • How to submit a case
  • Improving your RX
  • Submitting a case exam
  • Treatment setups
  • Evaluating treatment setups
  • Treatment options
  • Treatment options exam
  • Case demonstration
  • Engagers
  • Appointment checklist
  • During treatment
  • Increasing predicatbility
  • Revisions
  • Finishing a case
  • Example cases treated with ClearCorrect
  • Marketing
  • Become a digital dentist
  • Before & After
  • Final exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever